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Greg's New Blog Address!
Greg's New Blog Address!

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New Blog Coming Soon!

Hi! I am moving my blog to another server! 
Please be patient! We will have the new site
up and running in a few days! 

Hugs from Greg! 
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Happy New Year 2010!
 I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2010! It doesn't seem like such a long time ago when we were welcoming the year 2000. Now here we are at the second decade. It is a time for us to look back and perhaps make some good changes. What didn't work for you last year? Let's let that go. What was good? Let's do more of that. It is a nice time to set goals for this year and make a committment to thinking and living positive. Say No to negative thoughts and negativity in general. I call it being "Baka positive." or "So positive you are foolish." For me, this works. I am visiting my family in Wisconsin and will return to Japan on January 13th. I hope that you, along with me, are looking forward to this exciting new decade!

Positive Thinkers! My Nephews Isaac, Paul and Matthew.


明けましておめでとうございます!今思えば、2000年(ミレニアム)の新年はそんなに昔ではなかった様に感じるのは私だけではないはずです。これから、新しい10年が始まりますが、今まで良くなかった事は全て流して、良かった事は続けましょう!今年も、目標リスト(自分が叶えたい夢や希望を書き留める)を書く事を皆さんへお勧めします。そして、いつでもどんな時でも、前向きな考えを持ち続ける事も必要です。悪い考えや意見は、貰わずに聞き流して下さい。最近、私は「馬鹿ポジティブ」という表現を思いつきました。あまりにもポジティブで、馬鹿みたいなのが気に入っています。私はアメリカで1/13まで家族と一緒に過ごす事が出来て、本当に幸せです。日本へ戻ったら、記憶に残る2010年にしたいと思っています。皆で楽しみましょうね!!Love, グレッグ
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Package from The White House!
 I guess I am on President Obama's good list as I was lucky to be invited to his first speech in Asia at Suntory Hall and yesterday here in Wisconsin I got this package from the White House at my family home. The mail lady came to the door in the snow and said I have a package for Greg Irwin. Is he here? I was like "Yes!" I looked at it and it was from the White House! Too cool. I opened it and it was a large signed photograph of President Obama, saying All the Best from Barack Obama. I loved that because that is how I sign my books and CD's as well. I received it because I had visited my Wisconsin Senator Kohl's office this summer and they arranged to have the photo sent. They had asked me when I would be back in the states and I had told them Christmas!
It was a pleasant surprise! Hopefully I will get invited to the beach house in Kailua next year! Aloha!!

The Honorable Senator Kohl from Wisconsin

The White House

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

私は、オバマ大統領を応援する後援会のメンバーです。そのお陰で、サントリーホールで行われたアジア初の演説に招待されました。(感動したなぁ)ここ、ウィスコンシンでも嬉しいサプライズがありました。郵便配達の女性が、私の家にホワイトハウスからの小包を届けに来ました。彼女は、「ここにグレッグ・アーウィンはいますか?」と訪ねたので、私は「僕ですが」と答え、それを受け取りました。本当に驚き、しかもカッコイイ!早速開封してみると、中にはオバマ大統領の写真にホンモノのサインがしてありました。「All The Best Barack Obama」と書いてあります。私がいつもCDを買ってくれたお客様に書くメッセージと全く同じで...さらにビックリ!実は、今年の夏にウィスコンシン州の民主党議員事務所へ訪ねた時に、「もし良ければオバマ大統領の写真にサインして届けてあげます」と言ってくれたのです。そして「今度はいつ戻りますか?」と聞かれたので、「クリスマスに戻ります。」と答えました。忘れずにちゃんと届けてくれた事が本当に嬉しかった。来年は、オバマ大統領のハワイ・カイルアビーチハウスに招待されるといいな!頑張ります!アロハ!!!

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Christmas in the USA
 I returned home to Wisconsin for Christmas! It is 2 below zero and we are going to have a big snowstorm on Christmas Eve. My mother is so happy to have the whole family together again. She has Christmas music playing and the house is decorated and ready for the big day. Christmas in Wisconsin...for me it is a long tradition. I can take a break from Tokyo and get back to my roots! Yeah! Merry Christmas!!!


私はクリスマスの時期に、アメリカ・ウィスコンシンに帰省します。クリスマスイブは、吹雪でとても寒かった。でも、私の家族が一緒に揃うこの時期はとても楽しいです。特に私の母が大喜びしてくれるので、帰省した甲斐があります。私の実家は、クリスマス飾りでとても賑やか。私や家族がクリスマスに実家へ帰って来ることは、伝統行事のようなものなので、日本で言うお正月と同じ様な感じです。東京から離れて、私の原点に戻ることは何よりのご褒美なのですよ:)) メリークリスマス!
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Christmas Show 2009
 Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who were able to attend my our Christmas Variety Dinner show this year! It turned out to be a great event as expected! Jiro, a new talent in Tokyo, impressed the crowd with his command of Japanese and his songs from Musical theater. Caiya did her best to sing her heart out! We all should try new things in life right? David Chester was fantastic as usual. I sang the songs that hopefully warmed the heart of the Japanese and foreign guests. Thanks to Ernesto Stefani for working so hard, thanks to Mark Simmons for his great help. Thank you very much to McDonalds, and most of all thanks to all of you who were so kind and supportive! Merry Christmas!!!!

The Cast 

Goto san!いつもありがとうね!!

 Sweet Obachan Fans 

 Greg and Jiro

New Talent Jiro

今年のクリスマスバラエティーディナーショーへご来場頂いた皆様、本当にありがとうございました。思った以上に素晴らしいイベントになりました。東京で見つけた次郎は、流暢な日本語とミュージカルナンバーを披露し、感動させてくれました。カイヤさんは、忙しいスケジュールの中、自身のベストを尽くし歌って下さいました。ピアノのデイビッドは、プロフェッショナルに演奏し、皆さんを楽しませてくれました。1度きりの人生、新しい事に挑戦するのは素晴らしいと思いませんか?私は、日本人と外国人の心が通える心温まる時間が大好きです。シェフのエルネストさん、最高のサービスをありがとうございました!そして、忘れてはいけない、どんな時も協力をして下さる、日本マクドナルド株式会社様、CEO原田泳幸様、いつも感謝しております。ありがとうございました。Merry Christmas!!


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"Where the Wild Things Are" Japan Premiere
 Tonight I went to the Premier of the Warner Brothers Film "Where the Wild Things Are" at Roppongi Hills. The Director Spike Jones and twelve-year-old star Star Max Records were there along with the Japanese Voice Actors. I got to sit by Musashi Maru! It seemed to sort of reflect the current conditions in the world. People have a hard time getting along and fantasy is not much better than the real world. The movie makes you think and it is not what you might expect. You are left with no real answers, just questions and perhaps a big dose of reality that everyone is a little bit lonely...and we all need a hug! 



Sumo Great Musashi Maru

Christmas at Roppongi Hills

"Where the Wild Things Are" Website

Support the World Wildlife Fund! 

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Peace Comes From Your Heart
 I recently performed for the 20th Anniversary of the MISHOP in Mitaka. 
It was a very memorable concert for me as the audience warmly sang along with many of the seasonal Japanese songs. Mari Christine gave a moving talk about International Relations after my concert. It was a beautiful day of coming together for all nationalities. Remember that Peace comes from your heart. It is not something that we should depend on Politicians to make happen. Peace is something that you can work at to make it happen. You can do something everyday to spread peace in the world. There is a lot of negativity in Japan today but I refuse to focus on it. Reject negativity and have peace in your heart. Do something kind for someone! It's almost Christmas! 

Kaze no Hall

Mari Christine 


Atsuko always takes care of my dogs which gives me PEACE! 

Mari Christine's Website


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Leon! One Year Later!
 One year ago I was told my dog Leon had two months to live as they discovered he had Lymphoma. After changing his doctor, I decided to go with a six month chemotherapy treatment that ended at the end of June. Also, he started taking Somatide Eye, a supplement from Hokkaido, made from fossils. One year later, his check-up came back totally normal! He is a little miracle doggie! It was a year of challenges for him but now I am treasuring every day with Leon! Here he is under the Christmas tree, just put up last week! Christmas is coming soon! Blessings! 


Leon and Luna

Small but full of love!

It feels like Christmas at my house! 


株式会社恒常 ソマチットアイ

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Christmas Variety Dinner Show!


昼の部の開場は、12:30 ステージ14:00から。
夜の部は、開場17:30 ステージ19:00からです。




 I am happy to announce our Christmas Variety Dinner Show coming up on December 20th. at Casa De' longhi in Daikanyama. This year I am doing the show with TV Talent Caiya and Jiro, a fresh new talent. Caiya and I have wanted to do a show together for many years and this is her first ever Dinner Show! Jiro is a new discovery. I saw him play the lead in a musical, was super impressed, and wanted you all to get to see him perform. David Chester, our multi-talented Pianist will be providing the accompaniment. The show features Japanese Seasonal Songs, Broadway and Christmas Standards. 

There is an afternoon and evening show. A full course dinner is included with a glass of champagne and all you can drink. The doors for the afternoon show open at 12:30 PM and the show starts at 2:00 PM. The doors open for the evening show at 5:30 PM with the show at 7:00 PM. Two lucky people will win a deluxe De'longhi Coffee Maker at the show! Stefani Ernesto, an award winning Italian chef, will create the festive Christmas Lunch and Dinner! Merry Christmas! Tickets are ¥15,000. For tickets mail: info@gregirwin.com or Fax: 03-3728-3424 See you there! 

Greg Irwinグレッグ・アーウィン
David Chesterデイビッド・チェスター
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